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While generating squares, I have also been reading a great set of books.


The first was recommended via LibraryThing, and was the book for the Toronto Public Libraries BookBuzz chat this month. Consolation is the story of a young man arriving in Toronto just as it was beginning to become a city, and a modern day family who becomes embroiled in his history. The opening scene took me right to the harbour–and featured my favorite chocolate bar. I was hooked from page one, and enjoyed the rest of the book too.

My brother had recommended Spark, which he framed as an interesting book on the brain and ADHD. That was good, because if he had said it was about the benefits of exercise, I would not have picked it up. In any case, it was a fascinating look at brain chemistry (I know, that seems a paradox), and how exercise can improve your life and actually build your brain. Since there are days I can barely remember my own name, this seemed like a helpful push. Yet here I am still sitting here at the computer, and not outside running as I could be. It’s cold today.


I read a stunning, but frighteningly realistic terrorist-type mystery, called Red Sea. Written by a journalist who had obviously done her research, this moved (early on) from being highly informative in tone to a really good adventure story. Don’t read it if you’re planning to fly anywhere though, or to travel to New York. Ever.

The Moon in the Mango Tree was a free book for Early Reviewing–and here’s what I said about it on LT:

I loved this book. It is a little bit like a 1920′s version of Eat, Pray, Love; the story of a woman’s travels around the world, in this case with and without her husband, a physician. She is making her way through changing times, trying to determine whether she should live her life through his choices, or make her own.

It is a thoughtful journey, one well worth joining. The descriptive passages of the places she lives and travels are very evocative. And it is interesting to read about Siam (Thailand) and Europe and even Philadelphia at the time of the novel.

I notice the other reviewers were not as keen though.

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